Best Player for Redbox TV

Best Player for Redbox TV With Feature Explained

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Are you worried about the Best Player for Redbox TV? Do you want to know about Best Player for RedBox TV APK? You need not worry about these queries as these have been answered in this article. There are a plently of best video players for Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, PC, and MAC.

When there are a plenty of video players, it becomes a challenge to find a video player that meets our requirements. An amazing thing is that the below-mentioned video players can be installed on a number of devices like the Amazon Firestick.

The Best Video Player Features

  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Easy download and access
  • Size (preferably lightweight)
  • Support for most video (and audio) file formats
  • Ease of use
  • Media synchronization
  • Basic playback, play/pause and seek features
  • Time display
  • Video quality and screen display (normal and full)
  • Volume control


While streaming online content, your personal information like IP address and location is being monitored by third-party trackers. Hence, you are at risk of getting sued by media companies for streaming copyrighted content for free.

Therefore, a VPN is recommended for you to use while streaming the copyrighted content online. With the use of a VPN, the internet connection can be encrypted and then you can avoid the risk of prying eyes.

Now let’s talk about some of the best players for redbox TV. These are mentioned below.

1) VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

It is a cross-platform compatible. Moreover, it supports various media and streaming protocols. Its popularity is much among AV specialists. The video and audio framework is quite exceptional.

There is always a smooth and artifact-free video playback. The best thing is that the decoder also playback corrupted or incomplete media files to an extent. Video files from Blu-ray discs and online streaming can also be played.

VLC Media Player Features:

  • Available on Amazon App Store for free without ads.
  • Useful for low-end devices.
  • Option to switch other audio tracks in a video.
  • Video and audio features including aspect-ratio and brightness adjustment, and 5.1 to stereo downmix.
  • All the video formats including 3GP, MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.
  • Compatibility with various subtitle formats including DVD, SubRip, and DVB, etc.

2) MX Player

MX Player

MX Player is quite famous for Andriod iOS. It is also available for Firestick on Amazon App Store. It is one of the most powerful players for RedBox TV. The reason of its popularity is also due to its quality of being the first Android multimedia player that had a multi-core video rendering engine.

As per the developers, the new HW decoder is quite powerful to playback high-resolution video and lossless audio files without any disruptions. Some months ago, MX Player launched its free online streaming platform titled MX Player TV. There is a wide array of collection of movies, TV shows, exclusive and orginal web series in various languages.

MX Player Features

  • HQ video and audio playback
  • Subtitles with customization
  • Choosing between software and hardware media decoding
  • App design with a modern user interface

3) Perfect Player

Perfect Player

Perfect Player is an advacned media player. It is available with IPTV support. That is the best option for the users who want have a total control over the  video playback and user interface. There is an option of playing different video and audio formats.

Users can also play M3U and EPG URL for streaming their favorite channels from IPTV. It also supports JTV and XMLTV for different electronic program guides. Additional plugins can also be downloaded in case of need.

Perfect Player Features:

  • Video and audio playback
  • Scalable user interface
  • Customizable menus + Plugins
  • Support to IPTV playlist and EPG formats
  • Compatibility with UDP-to-HTTP proxy servers
  • Support to Airmouse and third-party remotes

Final Words

Throughout the article, we tried our best to inform you about the best player for RedBox TV. All the players provided above will work efficiently. Moreover, the apps unavailable on the Amazon App Store can be sideloaded.

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